The blog has been quiet since the 15th. This is because I went home Wednesday for Passover and to see the fam. The picture above is of my role as seder leader at the family seder. Everyone was bitching and moaning about who would lead so I stepped forward and took on the responsibility.\

In the past, my grandfather led the seder. When he was alive, he was a cantor, which meant that we had one of the best seders around. He knew all the stories, all the songs and could deviate from the Haggadah without the bat of an eye. When I think about him, it is often of him sitting at the same spot I sat last Wednesday. It's a very good memory.

The rest of the trip was a lot of visiting with friends, the usual dentist appointment and packing up some things to bring back to New York. It was very nice to be home and I really needed the break. Now I feel recharged and ready to get to business.

Next weekend: Guster's Rep Rok 2003.