Although the title of this post could be related to explosive ballet occuring in the Middle East, instead is about something much more important—college basketball.

I'm not really a college sports fan. In fact, for 350 or so days of the year I pay no attention to college sports, but for some reason I get very excited about the NCAA Tournament. I think it's just the nature of the tournament. It's the only time when the 64th best team in the league has a chance to win it all. In pro sports they would never make it to the playoffs and in college football the few potential champions are known with a few weeks left. In college hoops you never know until it's all over.

And so, yesterday I put together a bracket over at Yahoo! Sports and signed up for a league advertised on a new blog I read. I think I will do well because all of my picks are based on my preconceived notions of these teams from ten years ago. It's like the beer commercial where the girls win the football pool every week because they pick the team with the cutest uniforms. This is why, despite lots of hype, I think that the Duke Blue Devils will not win it. Their mascot is really ugly.

UPDATE: After the first day, I have only gotten one pick wrong (NC State). If tomorrow goes as well, I'll be sittin' pretty.