Last week, it was warm. On Saturday I walked to the laundromat in a t-shirt and shorts. The sun was shining and I was feelin' groovy. Today and yesterday were not so nice, but this has not effected my level of excitement.

I am getting pumped for this summer. I have more or less decided I'll be staying here for a while longer, at the very least through this summer, so I'm planning all of the fun summer things I want to do. More than anything else, I just want to have a lot of picnics in the park. Eating outside on a sunny day with a bunch of friends is probably one the most fun things you can do. Well, unless you are the kind of person who hates your friends, the outdoors and any foods that begin with the letter "t." Thankfully, I'm not one of those people.

More than the fun things, I think summer is the best time for romance. I plan to find a worthy female and sweep her off her feet. There are a million fun summer dates. I'm a big fan of drive in movies. You don't pay a lot, you have some privacy and you can talk or go to the bathroom without bugging the people sitting next to you. So, if any girl in the NY area wants to go to a drive in movie with me this summer, let me know. I promise I'll only try the yawning trick once or twice.