A while back I wrote a piece on videogame journalism for Emmie Magazine. The post here was a call to arms, asking for help, and the piece itself looked at the state of videogame journalism.

In the last couple days I've found a number of sites that are writing about the things I want to hear. They are as follows.

Game Girl Advance - Apparently, this has been around for a little while. It mixes up theory with personal stories and reviews. I think this site is going to be a personal favorite.

Got Game? - A Corante blog, which is neither here nor there. It plans to look at everything from theory to games in academia to gaming with the kids. This will hopefully provide a constant stream of good writing as Andrew Phelps, the writer, is most likely getting paid.

8Bit Joystick - This is a gaming culture site that also does some reviews and whatnot. A lot of fun.

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