This here is a call for help.

I am writing this piece for Emmie about the lack/decline of intelligent videogame journalism. The central theme is the lack of respect given to the video game in comparison to other artistic mediums. So I wanted to get some thoughts from my blog audience about why video games are not considered to be art. Here are some questions you can answer.

1. Do you consider videogames to be an artistic medium?
2. How does it compare to music, film, television, fine art?
3. Why do you think the public perceives video games as they do? What needs to be done to change this?
4. Finally, if you know of any magazines/websites/anything that has/had exceptional commentary on video games then let me know.

You don't have to stick to the questions, so feel free to talk about video games in anyway you feel would be helpful (or entertaining). Thanks in advance.