Yesterday I had the chance to wonder into the Apple Store and check out the mini-powerbook and the mega-cinema display.

The Powerbook is really amazing. I knew what to expect but it is just great to see all of that power crammed into such a little form factor. I am very happy with my baby, but if I needed a laptop then this would be my beast.

Now, the 20" Display is what really caught my eye. I was checking out the new iLife sweet on a Powermac and when I opened up Final Cut Express I was amazed how much room there was to work. Assuming that was the 23", I asked someone where the 20s were on display. She told me I was using one. Let me tell you that they are huge. It is the first high end monitor that seemed worth the price.* So, when I get my G5 tower I will get one of these babies right alongside it. Then I will pay through the nose for the rest of my waking days. Yay Apple!

Also, all of the video professionals can now have two 20" displays for the price of the 22". Amazing.