In 2002, there was interesting numbers.

According to Box Office Mojo, film ticket sales were up 5% and the total gross was up 8.6% from 2001. The ticket sales have increased in the last two years and the gross has increased every year since 1991. Things look pretty good.

According to NPD Group and via Gamespot, video game sales are up over 10%. Sales of games (not hardware) are up 15%. The industry grossed $10.3 billion, compared to the $9.1 billion grossed by the movie industry. Very impressive.

According to MSNBC and Soundscan, album sales are down 10.7%. They were down 5% last year. I couldn't even find the total gross, but I guess you could just multiply the albums sold, 681 million, by $15. Oh, country sales were up 12%.

So does this mean the music industry is right? Is our cd-burning sending the industry down in flames? I'm not sure, but you can't ignore the fact that their sales are down while the other two industries are clearly up.