It's not set in stone, but it seems that I am indeed moving back to Chicago. I'm drinving back a week from Saturday and it seems that Best Friend Will is going to be joining me for the drive. Now that I'm fairly certain I'll be gone in 10 days, I want to take full advantage of the time I have left. And so, here is a schedule of events I may or may not attend. I couldn't go to them all, but I would if I could.

Thursday 12
Martin Sexton (if I can get in)

Friday 13
Mooney Suzuki
Dee Snider
About Schmidt (movie)

Saturday 14
Mike Errico
French Kicks & The National History
The Rapture & LCD Soundsystem
Marianne Faithfull

Sunday 15
MC Paul Barman
Narc (movie, Q&A w/director)

Monday 16
Eating Out w/Janeane Garofalo

Tuesday 17
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Rye Coalition

Wednesday 18
Hot Socky (you don't know them, don't worry)
The Two Towers (movie)

Thursday 19
Piebald w/Elliot & Koufax
Les Savy Fav
25th Hour (movie)

Friday 20
Dinner at home with Uncles