Over the last 3 months, I have been watching the entire Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. I first watched it on DVD and then on FX. I have now seen nearly all of the episodes and the end is bittersweet. I definitely love the show, despite the fact that I often get a cringe whenever the word "Buffy" leaves my mouth. The problem is that I had been watching about two episodes per weekday for the last 3 months and it feels odd to not have Buffy filling my daily routine.

This predicament is appropriate right now as I'm going home. It feels like coming to New York was time for me to watch the entire Buffy series, be quarantined for Accutane dosage and study for the LSAT. Or that is something I tell myself to make leaving a bit easier. Speaking of which, leaving is getting much harder. I am considering other "not-fully-leaving" options. For instance, instead of bringing all of my stuff home with me this weekend, I will drive home, go to London with the fam, and then take a leisurely road-trip back to New York after London, while deciding whether or not I shall stay.

Uh, decisions. Isn't it funny how posts about non-personal items immediately become personal when your mind is running crazy? Ha ha.