I'm back, sooner than expected, to relay to you just how evil the junior mint is. (I know, don't end sentences in pronouns)

Last night I bought some Junior Mints before going to the movies. This was a wonderful idea because Junior Mints are incredibly tasty and Walgreens sells them for $1.29. Seems too good to be true? Well, no, it doesn't. Let me explain. As I've mentioned, Junior Mints are delicious, possibly the best movie candy available (Sno-Caps run a close second). They are virtually irresistable. So, when they turn against you, it is clearly a sign of evil.

When I first opened them in the theater, things were fine. It was only when I tried to close them, did I come across a problem. It was because of the Junior Mints Slot Conspiracy. While trying to close the box, my fingers slipped and I lost about 1/4 of the box. This left a Junior Mint minefield on the floor, and the soles of my shoes are now minty fresh. After the movie, I still had a number of Junior Mints left and decided to save them. I closed the box (carefully), and threw it in my bag. After running from the subway to the ferry, I sat down and opened my bag to grab some water. I was only mildly surprised to find 15 Junior Mints smeared on the interiors and contents of my bag. Regardless, I was not happy.

And so, this is where it is easy to see the evil in the Junior Mint. The Junior Mints people know that they have created an irresistable product, and they choose to screw with us by created a poorly designed box. (In addition to the flaw explained in the link, the available slot is quite small, leading to much "popping open.") In addition, the Junior Mint, which is peppermint goo encapsled in a chocolate shell, is not very sturdy. Rogue M&M's can survive an escape, even at the bottom of a bag, but the Junior Mint is helpless.

Therefore, my recommendation is that you fight back. Buy two candies, one box of Junior Mints and one box that is sturdy (candy does not matter). If you must use the box given to you, use tape or another adhesive to secure it. Just don't fall prey to the masterminds behind the Junior Mint.