Yesterday, I went to the Landmark Sunshine Theater with Romdiddle, attempting to see both Comedian and Bowling for Columbine, for the price of one ticket. How? Well, by walking from one theater to the next without paying. I figure everyone's stealing music on the internet, why I can't I steal a movie in real life?

Anywho, I realize its going to be a bit difficult because there are 5 screens on three floors and the two we need cross the main entrance. Not an ideal situation, especially since there were only a total of 100 people in the theater, but we decided to give it a go. Our movie ends and we spend a little time upstairs, which was from probably our biggest downfall. We walk downstairs, and as I pass the main entrance I happen to make eye contact with the ticket-taker. Oops. Still, after going downstairs it seems we're in the clear. The other attendant even told us directly that we could go in. So we did.

Now we're in the theater, sitting down, waiting for the picture to start, and the second, oblivious attendant walks down one row, across the seats and up the next until he reaches us.

"Can I see your ticket stubs please?"

"Er, uh, yeah, let me just check my..." and so on. We fumbled for a bit, and then he said, "Follow me please." The whole time he was very composed and relaxed. So we walk upstairs with him to the entrance and he asks the ticket-taker, "These the guys?" Pause.

"No theater hopping. Please leave."

And we did, slightly surprised about the non-chalance of it all and slightly disappointed we missed one of our movies. Did I learn my lesson? Not reallly. Maybe if he had literally given us the boot or brought us into a darkly-lit back room with a guy named Biff who eats the orange with the peel, then I would have been frightened. But they didn't.

So, if anyone in NYC wants to see Punch-Drunk Love and Bloody Sunday next week, let me know.