A while ago, some time this year, the army unveiled America's Army, a video game intended to get nerds into the army. But that's another story. The same geniuses, who have obviously brought thousands of new recruits in, have come up with another idea.

The Army Blog. The blogger gives a detailed account of his missions in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, any human emotion feels feigned. Take this quote for instance.

“Holy Schmidt (or words to that effect), that was close” I thought to myself and ran to roust my buddies inside - Yeah right, as if they didn’t hear that!

Holy Schmidt?!? Um, yeah, that last sentence sounds very...realistic. (Shhh, I'm being sarcastic) In addition to this, Wired explains that the higher ups are monitering the blog and cleansing it to avoid giving away any military secrets. I just don't see how this is going to work. Oh, and if that isn't enough, the blogger's handle is "Scorpion." That name is way too enticing, I'm joining the army tomorrow.

And knowing is half the battle (sorry, I just need to make reference to G.I. Joe whenever discussing the army).