I really do love being home. It's great seeing the family and just relaxing in the ole' house. I also got to spend the whole day in the city yesterday, visiting people.

First I drove my sister back to her dorm, which was much nicer than I would have expected. I wish I had thought about DePaul when I was looking at schools. Eh, no biggie since Wisco was a good time.

Next, I went to Will's new apartment (my bff, he he, I love that term). It wasn't in much of a neighborhood but the place was really nice. Tons of room and I nice layout, all at a reasonable price. Exceptional! It's also great to see Will doing well, moving out of the house.

Finally, it was dinner with the Cooks at Wildfire. Good food, good times. Yay for Kath and Rog.

Today was football day, as I sat and enjoyed NFL Sunday Ticket while enjoying lots of food. Later, I did some packing, more eating, and tv time. Being home is nice.

Tomorrow I'll head back to NYC to continue my seemingly endless search for a job. Oh, and I'll be seeing Ben Folds in a special engagement at the Museum of TV & Radio. I won tickets. It's private. I'm excited. The end.