I haven't talked too much about politics lately but I officially think the Bush administration has gone off the deep end, drowned all the little kids on floaty toys and claimed itself king of the pool.

A few weeks ago Bush & co. said that they would invade Iraq because they are a threat to the World. Probably true, but the administration's main concern was the possibility of nuclear and biological weapons. If there were none of theses, then there would be no need for a war.

Last week, Iraq told the U.N. that they could resume inspections. Bush had gotten what he wanted and all is well, right? Um, yeah. Instead of being diplomatic Bush had a political hissy fit. "But I wanted to go in a blow things up! Come on, PUHLEASE!" He gets what he claimed to want but immediately begins criticizing the Iraqi gov't, saying they are not really willing to do this. He just wants to play war.

This is the reason I fear for my life as an American. There has yet to be a single thing Bush & co. have done in their administration that made me excited. Everything has scared me. All of his wars and events seem to be a diversion, but I don't know from what.

I really hope that we can just make it through the next two years.