This weekend I was busy being Jewish. I was at my grandpa's place celebrating Rosh Hashanah. I've been thinking about exploring my religion a bit more lately. The truth is that I know the basics of Judaism and all the customs, but I don't know much about all the intricacies of the actual religion. So I might look into that, but I haven't decided yet. Anyway, for services we went to this service for people who don't belong to a temple. It was essentially a service for beginners. The whole thing was fine, except for when we sang "America the Beautiful," twice. So I was a little miffed by the whole experience. Thankfully it was a joyous, as well as contempletive, event.

The other part of the weekend was spent at concerts. I went to see the Thrill Jockey 10th anniversary show with Tortoise, Trans Am, Robert Randolph, Bobby Conn Band, The National Trust and Chicago Underground Duo on Thursday and then the Waxwings on Saturday. Both were good shows, but The Frames on Sat. were kind of boring.

Anyway, the real celebrity I was referring to was the DJ duo Andrew Andrew. They dress and look identical at all times, down to matching tattoos. They also DJ with iPods at clubs and have their own clothing line. I love seeing obscure celebrities at H&M in the Village, or something.