Right now, the city of New York is deciding what to do with Ground Zero. Professionals have provided design ideas, and so have the public at large. There are some people that want to put a memorial in its place and some who want to build the biggest, hugest, awesomest tower we've ever seen. Personally, I think both are a bit ridiculous. Building another business center will completely miss the point. Part of the reason Al Qaeda attacked us is because we are a self-centered, money-grubbing society and raising a new business complex would not help imrpove the point they've made. Obviously I don't agree with the means, but I do think we are way to into ourselves. And a monument alone would not do us justice, which will be explained in the rest of this post.

The best proposal I have heard yet is from our favorite Apple Tour Bust Guide, Speed Levitch. He recently wrote an article in Heeb about his personal experiences with Ground Zero and explained how he felt about the situation. Here is an excerpt from the article (it's a long one):

I think what we should build here is a park, a people's park, a place where spontaneous cultrue can spontaneously combust. The centerpiece of the people's park should not be a stone commemoration, but a living memorial, and that living memorial should be a herd of free roaming buffalo, American Bison. Bring the lost sage of North America existentially front and center to this hotly contested ground that certainly represents a plot point in the American adventure. The holocaust of American buffalo -- whose million became 200 by the late 19th century -- happened because the buffalo were truly American, and were really having the full experience called "America." That majestic beast would also be a real comedic decoration, because down here everyone's alwyas worried about the bull and bear markets. Well, you'd have actual bulls coming here to promote the true healing of the state. The most important healing that could happen down here is to put something up that is not profitable. To continue competition on this property is to learn nothing from Sept. 11. Also, the city has plenty of office buildings, but not one buffalo.

Obviously a bit out there, but it is still by far the best suggestion I've heard. Even the bison are great. Cutting down on our capitalist nature is always a good thing.

(You all should definitely rent The Cruise, which is the movie all about Levitch.)

Addendum: Stevie mentions this piece by Roger Ebert. Definitely interesting and similarly poignant, but with slightly different intentions.