A lot of you saw me on Wheel of Fortune. A lot of you didn't. This post is for the latter half.

Last night and part of today I edited together a 3 minute clip of highlights from my episode of the Wheel. Unfortunately for some, I encoded it in MPEG-4. That means you must have Quicktime 6, which is the newest version and was released a month ago for all platforms. Anyway, it is great and you will enjoy it. Here is a list of highlights:

- My Introduction
- My "mistake"
- "The Handshake"
- A full round in super speed
- The final round

Click on me to watch, er, me. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read this as a primer.)

me on the wheel

Right-Click here or on the image.
If you have problems downloading or you want a different format, leave a comment.