Sorry I didn't let you know via the blog, but I've been out of town these last couple days on a fishing trip with the family. It was a good time. I'll give you some more details once I'm back in Chicago (I'm in The Cities at the moment).

UPDATE: I'm back. HA HA!

I'll tell ya, 5 days of not having to plan anything during your day is great. The double bonus was being on a houseboat in the middle of a lake where you couldn't do something productive if your life depended on it. And so, my days consisted of sitting on a big boat playing gin, sitting on a little boat fishing for walleye, and eating on both boats, the shore, airports and everywhere in between.

Total Saturated Fat grams this week: 1,945g

Fishing isn't my thing, but I love hanging with the fam. It was nice to see cousins from afar and uncles from all over. I also love bacon/onion/butter sandwiches -- a great appetizer for fish fried in bacon fat.