There have been updates on American Idol over the past few weeks, but this week is a doozy. Tamyra, the judges' and a lot of fans' favorite, was knocked off while Nikki McKibbin managed to stay on despite being inferior in just about every way.

Some explain the situation on war-dialing, or power-dialing. This is when people use power dialing software on their computers to call in thousands of votes. I'm not sure if this is the reason for the switcheroo, but it is interesting. Is Fox to blame or should those with the power hold control? Personally, I think we need some checks and balances up in this place.

On another note, some people know, Nikki is a no-talent, two-toned wannabe. Others claim she's original, but she ain't. The only solace I have is that no matter what happens, she won't get anywhere and those with some talent will. I hope.

P.S. I like this show and I'm not afraid to admit it. I think.