Professing your love for Russ Feingold may be passé, but I am going to remind everyone that I love him.

In this week's issue of the Isthmus there is an article with Feiny about his newest congressional adventure, an attack on the 1996 Telecom Act. Essentially, he's looking to limit the amount of radio stations companies like Clear Channel are allowed to own.

Currently, as if you don't know, radio is incredibly bland since only bands backed by a big label can afford to be on commercial radio. This is a result of the pay-to-play scheme, devised by the radio companies, where the record labels have to pay song promoters to pimp their songs to radio stations. In order to increase their power, the huge radio conglomerates pay the song promoters to exclusive agreements, which is why you hear the same songs on every modern radio station.

So, Feingold is looking to be rid of this pay-to-play business and work on the number of stations a company can own. A lot of people think this will be successful because both the record labels and the artists are in support of this, since it means cheaper promotion and more opportunity. And, of course, it benefits the consumers because they will have more diversity and authenticity in radio. I just want to be able to call in and request a song without worrying about whether or not the band is signed to a major label. But I digress.

This new attack on big business, his disdain for soft money and his opposition to the Homeland Security Act have made me a lifelong fan of Russ Feingold. I would vote for him as President in a second.