I had a great weekend. Throughout the weekend I was accompanied by Johanna, Justin, Jena and Dan. (For those at school, these are my home friends. For those at home, hi.) Friday night we went out to a tapas bar called Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba that was quite good. The only problem is that I've never loved sharing food at meals. I don't mind if people taste mine, but I usually like to stick with what I've got. Despite my eccentricities, I enjoyed myself and the food. We went to a bar called Spoon afterwards and it was just alright. Loud and Sweaty = Poop on a stick.

Over the weekend "the crew" went to Dan's beachhouse in the Indiana Dunes situated on Lake Michigan. His house is beautiful and possibly the best designed summer home I've been in. So we spent the time laying on the beach, playing Scattegories and drinking. Oh, and we ate. A lot.

Today I ran a bunch of errands and got my teeth cleaned (all by myself).

Good news: my teeth are in good shape.
Bad news: traffic today was horrible.
Bad news: my old DVD player broke last month.
Good news: I got a new one and it does DVD-Audio.
Good news: this makes me happy.

That is what's up right now. Any questions?