These are the things I will miss about Madison and college, aside from my friends, which is an obvious choice.

  1. The Union
    I have spent more time here than anywhere else in Madison. This listing includes the music committe, Emmie, the Terrace and all the other great things the Union offers. Cannot be replaced.

  2. Living in Limbo
    Nothing beats having minimal responsibility while still living away from home and having a good time. I understand the "best 4 years of your life" comments, especially as I'm looknig for jobs now.

  3. B-Side Records
    Easily my favorite record store in the midwest. It's not big, but the selection is amazing.

  4. 446 Parties
    Granted, it's been a while since these have been possible, but they are some of my favorite party memories from college. Way to go guys.

  5. Constantly Learning
    Even if I only did my homework sparingly, I did learn a lot here. Unless grad school is in the cards, this is was my last opportunity to focus on learning.

  6. Glass Nickel Pizza
    My favorite pizza ever. It's all about the crust and amount of cheese. I will miss you dearly.

  7. Madison's Landscape
    Madison is beautiful. Do I need to give more of an explanation?

  8. Halloween
    I love the insanity and it provided a great medium for costumes of yore.

  9. Kickball League
    I will miss these types of things in Madison. I think it's awesome that we had six teams of people playing kickball. I hope to carry on the league elsewhere.

  10. Cheap Things
    One thing that's great about college is cheap movies, software, airfare, sometimes meals and various other promotions. Thankfully, I am not throwing away my student id for a little while.

What will you miss?