On May 1st, I redesigned this site to coincide with Three-Oh's May 1st Reboot. Today I opened up my stats and realized that I had a huge influx of visitors. After checking my referers, it turns out my site was nominated as one of the best redesigns from the Reboot project. I didn't win, but my competition was amazing. Purely amazing. Here's what James Widergren had to say about my site:

You can clearly see that Matt Jacobs has an eye for creating an inviting interface. The blog is clear, structured, held up with great typography and 2 firm bars incuding the navigation. Too bad the sections: About and Photo aren't formatted the same way as the rest.

This gives me a bit more confidence as I continue the job hunt. Thank you for the honor James Widegren and Three Oh. (And I promise to redesign the photo and about sections to follow suit. This gives me some motivation.)