For thos unaware, my family owns a car dealership. This means I have the wonderful privelege of receiving a new car every six months. It makes life much easier as I don't have to deal with hassles of car ownership but I still have a car.

This weekend, I picked up a new car, the Mazda Protege5. I have been anticipating this moment for quite some time. I really think this car, or any of the new breed of hip stationwagons, is the perfect fit for me. It has plenty of cargo space, room for 5 people, and much improved fuel efficiency (over a SUV). Most importantly, it looks nice. I know that a responsible car owner (user in my case) shouldn't worry so much about looks, but it really makes it easy to drive a car that is really an entry-level vehicle.

So, I love this car. If you want to go for a spin, let me know. I'll happily oblige.