According to Weezer's website and a mass email, the first ,000 copies of their album will be numbered and considered a limited edition. I am tempted to leave the post at that, but I will explain the humor to be safe.

...remember that all copies of "Maladroit" are individually numbered from 1-,000, and (besides the *very* lowest numbers) any of these could be distributed anywhere!

Do they actually think K copies equals a limited edition? Based on what I've heard from the album, I don't know if they'll even sell that many. It's also important to note that there is no mention of additional material on the limited edition copies. Just a number. Do they think people are dumb enough to race out to be one of the first ,000 people just so they have a number etched on their album sleeve? I guess this is something similiar to the first pressings of records, but that is usually a truly exclusive club. Sometimes a first pressing can be only 100 records, not SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND!!

In other words: Rodbonkulous.