The blur of time also know as graduation is now over. I am done. I have nothing to do. The funny thing is that I have done 80% nothing and 20% something for the last 4 years and that was relatively satisfying. For the first time, I truly have nothing to do and it is a bit unsettling. Hmm, that's something to ponder.

The commencement ceremony was a bit...what's the word...ah, boring. Our speaker was the CEO of an investment banking company, a UW alumnus, and an ex-Bear (the sole redeeming quality). His speech was all about how C students are just as capable as A students. It would have been good if he wasn't incredibly condecending. He was trying to say that your life is more than the sum total of your grades, but instead he basically talked about how he is amazing. Not very inspirational. The student speaker was a girl named Angela who founded PAVE, which is a very important organization that combats sexual assault. Her speech was also well put, even if it was a bit formulaic (i.e. "wow, we all slept in [laughs]" followed by "but now life [ahhhhh]"). The only thing that really bothered me was when she said how "The sexual assualt I experienced has been my opening in life...I have found my opening and you should find yours." Now, combing the word opening with sexual assault was just weird. So the ceremony was a bit bleh, but it was nice to sit with Rebecca and Dan.

Alright I should go though. I have to find my opening and plan the rest of my life. I'll let you know how that goes.