Today I made a decision while flipping through the latest EW: I am going to see every major film that is released this summer and write up reviews for each one. I know I'm going to see some drivel, but this is going to be an experience. Ideally, I'll see every movie on its opening weekend but I think that's a bit optimistic, so I'll shoot for the first week of release. Then I'll write up a review and post it to a new summer film page I plan to create.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see every film that is released this summer, but I will do my darndest. I'll for sure see anything that's shown at a first-run, mainstream cinema and see as many indie and art films as possible. I'm going to slap a simple page together sometime in the next couple weeks with the movie schedule for the summer so I can check the movies off as I go along.

This event will be my second expenditure from my WoF windfall. It's going to be a good time.