I'll go in order and start with the memory.

Approximately two years ago I was director of the music committee and was subsequently in command of hiring coordinators and the like. Our open-mic host had decided to leave and we had to fill his position. So Sleeve, Ough, Runkle and I set out to make a choice. After a few morning interviews we were feeling goofy and decided to let it all hang out. That meant using baloons for breasts and conducting an interview. We had an initial fitting and took some photos (which have mysteriously disappeared) before our victim entered the room. It ended up being Nathan Rabin, from the Onion. Thankfully he's from the AV Club, otherwise we might have been subject to horrendous ridicule. Nathan just smiled, and we continued the interview with D-cups. It all went fine, but he didn't get the job. The moral of the story is that wearing balloons as breasts is always funny. Always.

My revelation is that I really want to be in Chicago next year. It would be very exciting to NYC or SF but there are just so many people and things I would miss if I moved elsewhere. I would lose the my family, the Cubs, seriously funny improv, the lake, the el, midwestern demeanor, hot dogs, LPTC and a host of other things. Yeah, other cities offer a lot but I don't care. I'm going to Chicago.