As I'd mentioned earlier, I decided to partake in a mix-trading project called Burn Baby Burn. I sent my CDs out a week ago and I wanted to wait at least this long before I posted the tracklist here. So, for those who are interested, here is the tracklist to my mix.

1. Paperwings : Damien Jurado and Gathered In Song
2. Our Time : Imperial Teen
3. Afraid Himself To Be : Jason Falkner
4. Here Comes My Baby : Cat Stevens
5. (Drawing) Rings Around The World : Super Furry Animals
6. Wipeout : Fat Boys
7. I Know You Want Me : Call And Response
8. Where's Summer B. ? : Ben Folds Five
9. Moving : Supergrass
10. Uniform Grey : Sarah Harmer
11. It Must Be Summer : Fountains Of Wayne
12. Sometimes : Ash
13. Hateful : The Clash
14. Walk : Blind Melon
15. I'm Looking Through You : The Beatles
16. Sleep My Friend : Joe, Marc's Brother
17. Ice Cube : Clem Snide
18. We Got To Be Good To Each Other : Ray Wonder
19. Unordinary : The Stereo
20. Acuff-Rose : Uncle Tupelo
21. Suffer Never : The Promise Ring
22. Pyramid Song : Radiohead Amnesiac

I think it's one of the best that I've ever made, I just hope that the recipients think the same.