1. The Osbournes
    The best thing on MTV in as long as I can remember. I am no longer ashamed to to watch a reality-based tv show.

  2. Six Feet Under
    HBO is doing things right. This series is one the main reasons I watch tv.

  3. What Do I Know?
    A blog from a really good designer who always has poignant things to say. I especially like his analysis of the design world.

  4. The Promise Ring
    People claim their new album sounds like Wilco. It does and it is off the heezy.

  5. California
    I will be heading to this western state over spring break and I am ridiculously anxious. I'll be seeing the grandparents and visiting a college with my sister.

  6. Office v.X
    Microsoft claims it is the best version of Office available for any platform. Damn skippy.

  7. dooce.com
    Another weblog. The author recently got fired because of her blog and there's been some interesting discourse. Also, she is entertaining in a non-work related way.

  8. PHP & MySQL
    A lovely combination of technologies that has consumed my life this weekend.

  9. Spring
    Probably my favorite season. I love watching everything bloom and people come out of winter depression (note: link is absurd)

  10. Sony PEG-NR70
    A PDA nearing release from Sony that is just a work of art. One of the coolest looking digital devices I have seen. It's usefulness, along with all PDAs, is still being deliberated.