The blog is hot. Lots of good blogging going on. I’m enjoying not having anything particularly interesting to blog about. No drama=relaxation=happy matty. I’ve been reading the Zeldman book and it has been pretty informative so far. No web design book can be perfect, but his concept of web design is probably the closest to perfect I have come across.

On another note, I now have 6 cameras, 3 of them from polaroid. The number was upped when I got a joycam from my cousins/uncle. I think this is my favorite. The size of the photos are just right. It’s like goldilocks — the regular is too big and the Izone is too small. Not too many exciting photos from this trip, but I have a big backlog of photos to post to the site when I return. That reminds me, the site redesign will come feb02 because I don’t have it done and jan02 comes in three days.

The dinner bell is ringing.