Rock and Suck. Ryan Adams was so incredibly horrible that it made me not want to listen to his records any more. He is just an ass. I say that first because he and his band seemed to have no setlist and they would “jam” for about 5 minutes in every song. The word ass also comes to mind because of his response to a heckle I offered up. I yelled for “Summer of 69” (an obvious Bryan Adams joke), which resulted in the drummer flicking me off before I finished yelling, the guitarist saying “he he he” in a snickering tone and Mr. Adams jumping down my throat. Here is a brief paraphrase: “Hey man, I wasn’t even born in 69, so don’t fuck around. Oh, and I make more money in two days then you’ll make all year.” Then he starts into a “hard” song. This would be less amusing if the whole crowd wasn’t laughing at him and his ridiculous reaction. The whole scene was priceless. The other big downer was not seeing Paula Derdiger. I wasn’t promised a phone call this weekend so that I could see her and I got nothing. A letdown.

The rest of the weekend was fine, uneventful. It consisted of me sitting on my ass, not doing the things I was supposed to be doing. My grades are going to be pretty bad this semester, but I deserve it. Ah well, I’ll still graduate and life will go on. Now I will do some work because bad grades are fine but flunking is not.