I was gonna leave it alone, but this bit just makes it too funny. For those of ya’ll keeping tabs on the weblog community you’ve probably heard about the company KPMG who asked a weblogger not to link to their site without an agreement, which breaks a cardinal rule of the internet. So, he sent a call out for everyone to link to KPMG whenever possible. This forced their site to go down because of all the traffic.

That’s funny, but what’s really funny is the reason why they didn’t want this weblogger to link in the first place. He had the company’s theme song, yes theme song, up on his webpage. The theme song is so ridiculous. The lyrics go “KPMG/We’re strong as can be/A dream of power and energy/We go for the goal/Together we hold/On to our vision of global strategy…” So asinine. You can listen to the song for yourself at Wired News. It’s definitely good for a chuckle, I promise.