I just...can't...stop! According to WIRED News, videogame addiction has become a serious problem. They use the game Everquest as an example of an addictive game. It is an online RPG that sucks up hours of people's lives, supposedly. In turn, two groups were formed, "Spouses Against Everquest" and "Everquest Widows." No joke. Here are some choice excerpts.

Members also share tips on how to sabotage EverQuest by deleting characters or blocking access to servers. As a result, the board is regularly raided by angry gamers who warn the widows "not to fuck with EQ."

"For the first week, I didn't go to sleep," said Logsdon, who has also posted his experience online. "It was worse than being on crank. I'd always get a sinking feeling when I looked out the window and saw it was dawn. I'd get angry at myself for being such a loser because the game was controlling my life."

The games are clearly addictive, but this is still funny.