Rock and Rolly. I tried to post this last night, but my efforts were thwarted. Ah well. On to the post.

As I mentioned some time yesterday afternoon, last night was a night for Deathcab. Soup and I went down to Chicago for the show around 2:30 and it took us four freakin’ hours to get into the city. It was worthless and much longer than I ever would have guessed. When we did get there we proceeded to be rocked by The Prom, who is an indie rock Ben Folds Five combined with Elliot Smith. Awesome stuff and I just ordered it from insound. The middle band, Shiner, deserved two shiners for each band member. They were like Silverchair and Live combined with the suck turned way up. I almost fell asleep twice and nearly left after they finished. Fortunately, deathcab did not dissapoint. They played a bunch of hits and they were a lot of fun live. Those who say otherwise mispeak.

We capped off the night with a run to the Salt and Pepper Diner, where we reminisced about being in high school and enjoyed a french turkey sandwich. The ride home was also hot as we pushed the limits of my gas tank in the name of cookies.

No complaints, a fantabulous night.