I am starting to love Sundays again. The Bears are 5-1. The Bears have the second best record in the league. The Bears are for real. The Bears. The Bears. The Bears.

You can see where my mind is.

So last night was a ton of fun. My sister was in town without the ‘rents for the first time. I showed her the ropes of Madison on Halloween. Her word of the night: “Nuts.” I’ll have pictures to prove it very soon. My Max Fischer (a la Rushmore) costume went over well, but I don’t think it got enough exposure. So, I am going to be wearing it on Wednesday day, actually Halloween, as well. Hopefully I’ll turn some heads. We’ll see. Last night there were a lot of Ghostbusters and an unfortunate amount of people in gas masks, army gear and firefighter wear. I don’t really know if this was unfortunate but I’m concerned about some of their motives. I’m glad to hear that there weren’t any really horrible things happening, but it’s also not the real Halloween yet. I’m a bit nervous. So my favorite costume of the night was a Christian extremist with a sign that says “Heathens will burn!” I nearly cried it was so funny. Alright, time to watch Sportscenter again.