Argh? So last night I felt like an ass because I was supposed to be finishing up a paper revision for class but didn’t. It wasn’t too bad though because I had all afternoon. I get to the library and bust through it. I finish it with enough time to make it to class 5 minutes late. On the way to class these thoughts pop in my head:

  1. Crap, I didn’t change my introduction.
  2. Maybe I’ll just ask him for a small extension. Yeah, he’ll have some pitty.
  3. Nah, I’ll just turn it in, he’ll notice but it’s just one small thing.
  4. Oh damn, and that other paragraph. I didn’t finish it.
  5. OK, I’ll ask for a small extension, yeah.
  6. Did I number the pages? Crap.

I walk into class and as I sit down I remember #7:

  1. Wait, this is due Friday at noon. Ugh.

How am I supposed to feel? Elated? Frustrated? Stupid? Probably a little of each. I think this bothers me more than having to turn it in late/unfinished. That is sucky but something that makes sense. This just makes me feel like an ass. Still, I have 1.5 more days to finish it now and this should teach me a lesson because I will see how nice it is to have things finished early, right? Next time I’ll try to procrastinate on time and save myself some confusion.