Alright Apple, you win. In the last few months I have become enamored with the G4 Powerbook. It is a beautiful machine inside and out. I am hoping to get one for graduation, but we’ll have to wait and see. Worst comes to worst it will be an entrance into a whole new world of debt. I thought this was going to be the end of my obsession. I would have my sleek, metalic laptop to show off and use all over the house, but no. That is not all I am afraid. Now there is iPod. It is their first forray into the world of personal electronics. It is an mp3 player. I have owned two before (and I won both of them, believe it or not), but this one has all the features that make me want to use one all of the time. It has a 5 gig hard drive and uses firewire connection. Translation: You can hold 1000 songs and download a whole CD in 5-10 seconds. No joke. This is why I will get an iPod. Unfortunately it only works with macs, which just means I can’t get one until I get my laptop. Hmm, maybe I’ll graduate in december. Can I still pull that off?