I have realized I am not always the best at mentioning things on this blog that are upcoming in my life. For instance, going to Radiohead last night and coming to Madison today. Sorry for the lack of effort and I'll now give you my report of the radiohead show.

I like Radiohead a lot but I was skeptical about this show as there were supposed to be 25,000 people in Grant Park. And there were. Still, I was really impressed with their crowd control and general set up of the show. The only major complaint I had was with their Woodstock prices ($4 for water). About the show. Radiohead had just a fantastic set. They played all the best stuff from their five albums. There wasn't a whole lot from the Bends, but everything else got its turn. I thought that Paranoid Android was probably the best in terms of sound and performance. They also managed to translate the newer stuff into a live show much better than I could have imagined. I think it helped that the sound was spot on, which is impressive considering it was outdoors and a huge area to cover.

Although the sound was great and the set was great what won me over was the video screen. They had about 10 cameras set up around the stage and they obviously had some cinematographer/videographer at the helm in the sound booth because it was breathtaking. All of the shots were perfectly crafted and they would blend two together in a mid-fade kind of way. The two best camera angles were as follows: 1. The camera that was setup on Thom's piano that was right next to his microphone. You were looking right at him. Every now and then he would make faces into the camera. I bet everyone thought they were looking right at him/her. 2. The one attached to the drum kit. That one rocked because everytime the drummer hit the drum closest to the camera the whole kit, and camera, shook. So, the shaking was in perfect time with the music and it ruled. Bottomline: The video was worth $45 alone.

That's my review. Yeah.