These last two days: nothing. Well, mostly nothing. Yesterday I went speaker shopping during the day and found a pair of Paradigms I really like. They are expensive so I'll have to do some serious saving this semester. Since I have two jobs it shouldn't be too tough. The way I see it is that speakers are something that you use constantly and hold onto for a very long time, so they it's worth it to spend a little to get a lot.

Tomorrow I leave for this leadership conference. I have mixed feelings. It will be nice to get away and relax my brain a bit before school starts. Free-time will probably be tight but I don't have to worry about the apartment, classes, work, spending money or going out with friends (I love going out with friends but it's nice to take a break--the whole 'you appreciate them more' thing). Also, I might actually gain some leaderlike qualities while there, but we'll see. On the downside, I don't know anyone going, I don't really know exactly what we'll be doing, it lasts 6 days and I'm going to have to sleep in the same bed as someone else. As you can see, the scale is pretty well balanced with pros and cons. Bottomline is that it is a week without paying for food or any other entertainment and that will bring me one step closer to the speakers.

Finally, I would like to welcome Kara's sister Erica to Madison. Good luck kid, it's a wild ride.

[side note: I think it is fun to end posts with horribly passe phrases. Then again it might get annoying. Ce la vie.]