As I mentioned this morning, I made a trip to Six Flags Great America today. I love rollercoasters and GA has plenty. I was accompanied by my great friend Ali today and she helped me learn a bit about myself and rollercoasters.

1. I, in general, do not like huge drops but instead prefer a lot of loops, twists and turns.
2. Although rollercoasters are great, after about four I get incredibly nauseous. (The low number is a result of the extreme heat today)
3. Waiting in line would be unbearable on your own. (A thought about herself, but something I agree with. It would ruin the fun.)
4. The most entertaining part of the ride is when I scream uncontrolably in an attempt to amuse others and because I am a nutcase.

Even though we only were able to stomach four coasters, they were still rocking. If you would note fact #4, I would like to tell you a bit more. See, rollercoasters by themselves are a lot of fun, but I could also have any number of my friends spin my around by my limbs or just do an absurd amount of cartwheels and get the same effect. In order to amuse myself, and every one around me, but mostly myself, I like to scream really loudly. It's often about how scared I am or how I can feel the vommit in my stomach rising, although none of it is true (usually). I think it is partly a way to mock small children but also a way to heighten the fun factor by 10. Just imagine your best friend screaming violently next to you because he can and because it is funny.

Hmm. I just realized that what I am saying makes no sense whatsoever. Basically, I just described myself as this huge manchild who also happens to be a bully that annoys his friends. Not a pretty picture. At least we took some fun photos.