Nothing glamorous, just things I need. I haven't had a wrist watch since junior high. I've had 3 pocket watches over the last few years but none of them lasted very long. Usually they would break, only partially, and then I would not make time to get them fixed. I am hoping this watch will last a bit longer. I had this theory that if I didn't have a watch on I would enjoy what I was doing more. Since I'm not always looking at a watch to see when the party ends, I could just enjoy and hope someone else would know when things were over. So I think of watches as very adult items. It is a sign of responsibility. Sometime soon I may burn my watch as a rejection of said responsibility.

In the next 15 minutes Jannelle and Jenny will be here. They are coming in from Madison for the Cubs game, which is my first of 2 this week. Jenny and I are going to take Jannelle out for a night on the town. We want to show her the beauties of Chicago and splendors it has to offer. In other words, we're going to go downtown and get dinner. We're not sure where we're going but Jenny was thinking either El Presidente or the Billy Goat. If you have a suggestion, I'll be glad to take it. Ah, it seems as though Jenny and Jannelle are here. I will update you on our adventures sometime tomorrow.