This morning around 7:30am, a detective from the Madison Police Department came to my house to discuss the saga. I explained to her everything that I knew, showed her an email and played her a couple phone messages. She seemed convinced that I wasn't the one, which is good. As much fun as this has been, I definitely wouldn't want the police thinking I am the one. She does think that someone has stolen my identity though and was condifent that I shouldn't have any other problems with this.

While she was here she mentioned the guy had been using a mailbox at a bank in University Square to pick up his money. She also said that the man picking up the money was slightly overweight and in a wheelchair, both things I am not. Still, I am tempted to play detective and figure out what is going on for myself. I know this is a bad idea, and I won't follow through, but I would like to hang out there and look for this guy. I just want to see him and see what kind of a nut uses someone elses name and steals money from dozens of people.

That's all I have to say on that, and this may be the last chapter in this adventure. I'll keep you posted as usual.