Damn, I hate losing posts. It is one of the more frustrating things. It's all because of Netscape too. If it just wouldn't reload everytime you move the page or a frameset. Breathe out...so here's what I was going to say:

In today's New York Times there was an article about Pepsi-cola's newest product, Mountain Dew Code Red. Yeah, so the name alone is reason enough to get giddy, but I'll give you ample reason to chuckle in the next few sentences. The beverage is seemingly identical to regular Dew, but it is red and probably tastes different. As you read the article you realize just how much of a marketing ploy the drink is, but I guess every soda is a marketing plan in liquid form. The CEO of Pepsi said the following about the average Code Red drinker, "[He's a] kid with his hair on end, his eyes bugging out," Mr. Rodkin said. "He's a little bit on edge." Ah yes, so the young child is basically all hopped up on caffeine. Wonderful (and amusing). I can just picture this 13 year old boy with blonde spiky hair, baggy pants, a FUBU t-shirt and ruby red lips, tongue and teeth from the case of Code Red he just polished off. Mmmmm...Code Red. He's running around like Macaully Culkin in Home Alone after his parents leave, holding a 2 liter bottle of Code Red in each hand. Pepsi, there's your commercial. And in case you're wondering, both Mountain Dew products have 55 milligrams of Caffeine in a 12oz. can, which is only below Jolt Cola. This beverage is a blessing to all Americans.