I have completed my exams and I don't have to think, on the clock at least, for another three and a half months. It still hasn't completely hit though. I think once I start packing up to go home it will hit. I have to admit though, it'll be nice to get away and head to London. That reminds me that I really haven't spoken much about this. This summer I'll be spending two months in London on a internship program. As cool as it will be to live in London, I am just as excited to be in a big city. I am always so inspired by the big city. There is just something about all the people and the high tech architecture (spelling?). The point is that I am really excited.

Tonight Jannelle and I had a relaxing evening. We went to a movie, watched Law and Order and ate chinese food, a combination that is worthy of only the best of the best. We went to see Momento, and it was my second time seeing it. I enjoyed it just as much this time and I actually came to some kind of conclusion this time. The first viewing was incredibly perplexing and left me with a very uneasy feeling. This time, I was at peace with the end of the movie. I would tell you my feelings on the end but I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. If you really want to know how I feel, ask me.

Tomorrow I am having a coctail party at my house for Jannelle's 20th birthday. This is the first and last party I am having in this apartment. I think it's funny that this is happening for the first time with only three days left in Madison until next year.

Okay, I am going to head to sleep since I only got 4 hours last night. Buenas Noches.