So I will tell you about the rest of my life now. I forgot to mention something that Jannelle said last friday (I was caught up in the whole girl-i-have-a-crush-on-complimenting-me thing). So on friday I was wearing a jean jacket and my battered old Cubs hat. It's the one that has a little bear holding a bat on it. We were both getting our food at lunch party and she saw me from behind. As soon as we sat down she explained that she didn't say hi in line because she didn't recognize me. She thought I looked like Billy Crystal circa City Slickers (one, not two). That is easily the best worst comment I have gotten ever. I don't think it was a compliment, but I'll take it that way. What's funnier is that the comment preceeded my decision to watch When Harry Met Sally on saturday night. I'm going to be getting a digital camera really soon, so I will recreate the look in a couple days and let you make the decision.

I took my first final exam today and it was too easy. I only studied for about 4 hours total and there was only one question that made me flinch. This is a good sign because I was very close to an AB. For those of you unfamiliar with the Univ. of Wisconsin grading scheme, an AB is both an A- and a B+, which do not exist in our system. When I finished I had that wonder feeling of knowing you have nothing to do for a good while. Granted, I have things I should be doing, but nothing that I have to do, which is why I am going to Dog Eat Dog tonight for dinner, which is the best hot dog joint in madison. Next time you go to Madison, or if you leave here, go check it out. It's on the Capitol Square.

One final note. I found a link to this blog called Adam The Robot from Amplified to Rock and it had one of the cutest things I had ever read. If you go there and scroll down a few posts you will see a comment he made about The Promise Ring. He talks about them like nobody had ever heard of them before. It is nice that someone can have such a fresh perspective on a band that has been doing the same thing for quite some time now. I don't want you to get the wrong idea--I cry during "Oh Amy" just like everyone else. Still, bless you Adam the Robot for having such a fresh perspective.