Oh man, do I have a story to tell you.

Yesterday during design class #2 Jenny was like,

"I want to go to Chicago."
and I responded, "Let's go."
"You mean now? During class?"
"Sure." [jokingly]
"Uh, how about after class, I really want to go."
[confused now] "Uh, sure. why not."
After some more discussion we decided that instead of seeing Drums and Tuba we would go to the Music Box (movie theatre) and see Memento. The deal was done and we were to leave at 4pm.

After class I head home and make a few phone calls, gather some CDs and jump in the car to begin the most spontaneous action I have done in a while. The ride there was brimming with excitement and anticipation. Both of us just wanted to head out and have some fun for a day. The ride, and trip, was enhanced by my polaroid and 35mm cameras, which I brought along just for that reason. In fact, we will have a joint "Chicago Road Trip essay" coming soon. So we took pictures of everything. On the way there we started with The Pharcyde and then went power pop and listened to Material Issue, Superdrag and Jason Falkner. All great driving discs. The highlight of the trip down had to be when we saw this yellow Xterra with the license plate "BQRIBS." That alone is funny, but it gets better. When we drove by we saw this slightly overweight man with beard and 'stache with the world's most stoic look. He was just staring into space. Again, this alone is funny, but this old, overweight, stoic-looking man in a bright yellow Xterra brought Jenny and I to hysterics. Around 6:45 we arrived in the Chicago area near my house in Riverwoods. Since we weren't going to make the 7:25 movie, we decided to stop in and freak out my family. My sister was indeed freaked but I missed my mom (yoga). After a 10 minute tour we continued on to the city.

Upon arrival we parked near the Music Box and walked around for a while taking pictures of various things and people. I made a point to buy a Streetwise, the paper created by Chicago homeless people, since I don't always and I had some cash on me. Before the movie we ate at Hi Ricky's Noodles on Southport. It was amazingly good as usual. I have eaten there only a handful of times but it has yet to disappoint. Although this time I nearly lost my life as a grease fire errupted in the kitchen area. You could definitely feel the heat. Finally, on to the movie. I'm guessing most of you have not visited the Music Box Theatre, but I would suggest you click that link and take a look because it is beautiful, although the site does not provide the best pictures. And on the weekends they often have people playing the organ before the movies.

So the movie. Momento was so interesting. I think it was probably the most innovative film I have seen in a very long time. If you don't know the story, it is about this man who has a disease that causes him to have no short term memory. He cannot create new memories, but he can remember most things that happened before his wife was killed. The plot is following him try to investigate the murder of his wife. This alone is pretty interesting, but the way that the plot is ordered is totally amazing. The movie is linear, but fragmented at the same time. I have no concrete way to explain it. I just think you should go see it and find out what I'm talking about. Also, the site is pretty damn hot.

After the movie we hopped in the car and headed home. I have to say this was one of the best nights I had in a while. There was adventure, spontaneity, and silliness. The only downer was that I got a speeding ticket on the way home, but it didn't affect my overall view of the evening. And the capper of the whole day was that before we left I got digits from this girl who I had a big crush on a year or so ago and then stopped seeing around campus. So wish me luck.