Well, I was half right. My international friend from New Zealand is just visiting. It's still cool though.

Although Puff Dad...er, P. Diddy is amusing, his existence does not trouble me. 2Pac's existence (or lack thereof) is what really bothers me. He has just released his fourth (yes fourth) posthumous album and it debuted at #1 on the Billboard Chart (read here"). Now the article gives some explaination as to how he has enough material to release FOUR albums after he dies, but I just can't buy it. I mean, this last album is a double CD! It's time for some conspiracy theory. 2Pac has to be alive. There is no doubt in mind that he is. A Sonicnet article, I think this one, said he has 150 unreleased songs. Not B-sides, not alternate cuts--150 unreleased songs. I can see it now--2Pac is sitting in some beach house on a private island in the Canary Islands sipping gin and freshly squeezed juice.

2Pac: [yawn] Jeeves, bring me my slippers, I'm going to lay some tracks down.
Jeeves: Yessir. Right away sir.
2Pac: Thanks J-Dog. I'll be waiting here in the jacuzzi, just blow gently in my ear when things are prepared.
Jeeves: Of course sir.
Yes, this is happening right now, as I type. Hey 2Pac, tell Biggie and Big Pun I say hi.