Listen to this. If you don't know, tuesdays and thursdays are design days (since I have both my design classes these days). Today while in class one of my professors, Don, asked Jenny and I what we were doing this summer. Then he went on to tell us that he had something he wanted to ask us but couldn't until the end of the semester since he legally cannot combine his teaching and his business. Basically, he wants to hire us and that rocks. Then, he mentioned that he would be willing to consult us on this big project we're starting called The Underture Project. This will get its own post later, don't worry. You'd think that this would be enough on its own, but no, there is more. Suzy, our other professor, is going to be doing a directed study with us next semester. We are going to be working on scripting (PHP, ASP, database stuff) and doing a research project. The research project examines peoples biases toward material on the web versus printed or oral material. This is great on its own, but what makes it better is that Suzy is working a similar research project and she has a grant. So, we are going to be doing research for her and getting paid! I will get paid to learn about the internet and improve my skills. Who can complain? I can't, that's for sure. So this was a good thing.

And now I am getting ice cream followed by a meeting.