I often forgot how much I like sports. I just turned on NBC and there was a timberwolves v. jazz game on and I just smiled. I don't know much about the players in any sport, even for the Cubs in baseball. Still, there is something about going to a game or turning the TV on and watching people compete. There is something relaxing about it. Now going to a game is more than just relaxing. That is an experience my friends. That is just plain fun. I know some people may not be into sports, but these people have never been to Wrigley Field. I have never met a person who went to a Cubs game and didn't love it. Have you? Think about that one.

Although I do enjoy it a lot, I recommend enjoying it in moderation. It is really amusing to watch people get obsessed with players and stats. They will remember how many rebounds John Starks had in the second quarter of road games before they would remember their parents' anniversary. This is too much. Do you want to be that person? If you do, please click here. And on the other sign of the coin, if you know nothing about sports you should try to learn. It is worth knowing a little bit at least to aide you in conversation. If you're a guy and you don't know sports then you may not be trusted and if you're a girl and you know some sports you may seem more appealing. I realize that this would hopefully not be something you are worried about for friends, but if you are in the workplace or stuck at a stuffy coctail party, it wouldn't hurt to have that in your utility belt. Also, you might be missing out on something that you could really enjoy.

In conclusion: I love sports.